Hello! My name is Nia Abram, and I originally hail from the humble suburbs of Somerset, New Jersey, but at age 6 my family packed up and moved to the suburbs of Atlanta. And at age 13 we trekked to Orange County, California. And just when I thought I was getting the hang of things, we moved back to Dirty Jerz, in the beautiful town of Montclair. Shortly after, I attended college at New York University, but apparently a childhood of moving made me thirsty for something new, so I made my way to Colorado College. I graduated with a degree in Environmental Policy in May 2017.

As a self-proclaimed black girl from the burbs, I’ve consistently navigated all-white spaces, many of them liberal. My years at Colorado College exposed me to the flaws and triumphs of liberalism and activism, and since then it has been my goal to examine, understand, and move through the complex identifiers that make one “progressive.” As an aspiring policy changer, and writer I’ve made it my mission to actively inspire everyone I meet to embrace equity in their daily lives, no matter how big or small.