Take a step into my office. There’s a lot to see! On this site I host my blog BrownPlanet, and the myriad of skills I have to offer.


Hello! My name is Nia Abram, and I originally hail from the humble suburbs of Somerset, New Jersey, but at age 6 my family packed up and moved to the suburbs of Atlanta. And at age 13 we trekked to Orange County, California. And just when I thought I was getting the hang of things, we moved back to Dirty Jerz, in the beautiful town of Montclair. Shortly after, I attended college at New York University, but apparently a childhood of moving made me thirsty for something new, so I made my way to Colorado College. I graduated with a degree in Environmental Policy in May 2017.

As a self-proclaimed black girl from the burbs, I’ve consistently navigated all-white spaces, many of them liberal. My years at Colorado College exposed me to the flaws and triumphs of liberalism and activism, and since then it has been my goal to examine, understand, and move through the complex identifiers that make one “progressive.” As an aspiring policy changer, and writer I’ve made it my mission to actively inspire everyone I meet to embrace equity in their daily lives, no matter how big or small.



I believe in the importance of a healthy sustainable planet. However, in the American context, black and brown people are erased and excluded from our notions of what environmentalism looks like. As a Black American, I have struggled with my relationship to this land. In an attempt to reclaim connectivity to the very earth that my ancestors toiled, I have been finding ways to live sustainably and healthily while embracing my heritage. BrownPlanet blog pushes us to re-imagine sustainability and the environment through a racialized lens. Most importantly, BrownPlanet is a manifesto for a natural world where people of color can thrive.  

Tiny House Daydreams: Unlocking Resistance Through Radical Off-grid Ecology

In the summer of 2012 my parents sent my younger sister and I to their hometown, Somerset, New Jersey, to live with my grandparents. “But why?? There’s nothing to even do down there. It’s just a bunch of strip malls,” I whined. “Because you should spend time with your grandparents, and you could learn something …

5 Reasons Plants Are Essential To My Health as a Black Woman

Plants are giving me life. Literally. They are vital to my sustainability. And I’m not only talking about trendy hipster succulents that sit on a windowsill untouched (no shade to succulents though). I’m referring to diverse plants that require consistent attention, care, and positive energy. I have two  basil plants sitting on the south-facing windows …

Creative Work

Insert Here Podcast | Full Service Radio

I am an assistant producer on Insert Here, a podcast focused on sex education through personal storytelling. Each week our host, Kate Warren, interviews a new guest to discuss the nuances of sex, sexuality and pleasure beyond the confines of heteronormativity. Click below to listen to my own feature on the show as I discuss my understandings of sex, race and gender expression. 

For more episodes, listen here. You can also find us on Apple Podcasts, just search “Insert Here.”

Insert Here graphic

Insert Here Episode 22 | Turkey Basted Bisexual: Race, Pleasure, and Coming Out

Graphic Samples

As a masters student in strategic communications, I get excited about featuring work from academic projects that I find compelling. Below are samples from a branding project in which I created my own socially responsible company called GreenLight Cannabis Co.

Writing Samples 

While attending Colorado College I was a staff writer for our award winning editorial magazine, Cipher. Two of my editorial pieces are featured below.


If you need a young, ambitious, creative thinker to join your team, I’m your girl! I can build websites, write articles, educate you about sustainability, roller skate, edit videos, teach children, and organize the heck out of an Excel spreadsheet. I’m a Renaissance woman ready for anything.